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Welcome to Vital Nation! My name is Rob Magri and I’m the President of Vital Nation, a company whose purpose is to realize the seamless integration of our ‘safety by design’ philosophy in each and every product we launch to the consumer marketplace.

For Vital Nation, ‘safety by design’ is another way of saying ‘safety without compromise.’ Generally speaking, equipment or apparel that offers consumers increased safety and protection requires some form of trade off. Examples include inhibiting an athlete’s comfort, performance or range of motion during competitive gameplay.

Vital Nation is committed to enhancing safety in ice hockey. Our first product, the KPS600, sets the benchmark for cut resistance in an ice hockey sock. This is accomplished through the use of our patent-pending VN-STAK. When worn, the KPS600 offers athletes best-in-class protection and next-generation design in a platform that weighs 2 grams less than the leading competitive (albeit non-protective) hockey sock.

As an avid hockey player and former RMT, I’ve had firsthand experience with treating athletes who’ve suffered devastating injuries caused by skate blade laceration. It’s our goal to establish Vital Nation as the preeminent leading brand for safety hockey.

Thank you for visiting our webpage and we hope to earn your business.

Performance Inspired. Comfort Realized. Safety Redefined.

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  1. Marc Gelinas
    March 31, 2016

    Hi Vital Nation,
    Nice job on these socks! Were looking for pro shop pricing on this product to retail in Barrie and northern Ontario

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